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After filing out a carefully designed questionnaire, Leslie will look at the dynamics of the family unit, along with individual preferences, to recommend suitable breeds for you to choose from. Herding breeds have a stronger affinity for nipping, especially things that move. So adding one to a family with young children may not be a good idea for a family. Leslie will also evaluate breeds owners are seriously considering, to see if they are appropriate for the family in question. She will help you decide upon a pure breed or mixed breed, adult or puppy. Or perhaps your family will decide that a cat is a better option once they realize the time and effort involved in training and raising a puppy!!


Leslie offers one on one, private consultations in your home. Her visits are arranged around your schedule, and tailored to suit your needs. Leslie will teach you how to successfully manage your puppy. She covers many common problems like puppy biting, pulling on leash, coming when called, confinement training, desensitizing to handling and grooming, and prevention of separation anxiety to name a few. Leslie also offers telephone consults which includes on line notes, for clients not within the Guelph and surrounding areas.

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Knowing how to identify a good breeder is important when deciding where to obtain your new addition. Where and how your Puppy is raised and socialized prior to leaving the litter, will have a major impact on your puppy as it matures. Health and temperament are also critical considerations, both in the parents as well as the puppies. There are numerous recommended health clearances that should be done in adult dogs (both purebred and crossbred), before they are bred. Healthy parents free of common problems like heart disease, eye disease or hip dysplasia increase the likelihood of healthy puppies. Leslie can guide you through the process of determining how dedicated a breeder is in producing puppies that are both physically and behaviourally healthy!



Need to alter an established behaviour that you don’t like? Not a problem! Leslie is very experienced in decreasing the occurrence of inappropriate behaviours, and replacing them with  suitable ones. Appropriate door manners, appropriate leash manners, separation anxiety, stranger danger, barking and numerous other behavioural issues have been resolved in older dogs. If Leslie is asked to modify a behaviour that she feels warrants more than she can offer, she will direct you on the right path, and then help you work through programs developed by Veterinary Behaviourists.


Not all puppies within a litter will be suitable for just any family. A sound sensitive puppy is not ideal in a family with active children. A high energy puppy is a handful for a less-active senior. Although temperament testing is not 100% accurate in predicting the temperament of the adult dog, it’s a valuable tool in identifying red flags in particular puppies within a litter. Leslie evaluates numerous puppies for various breeders every year. Depending upon the location of the litter, Leslie will evaluate the litter in person, or teach you how to do the evaluation yourself.



This 2-3 hour, one time class is an information session for owners with new puppies under 16 weeks of age. This informative class is limited to 3-4 puppies, and is presented in the staff lounge at Guelph Animal Hospital. Leslie covers typical ‘behavioural challenges’ displayed by puppies, and how to prevent them from becoming full blown behaviour problems. This class skims the surface on puppy training and the socialization requirements that a puppy needs to become a well rounded adult dog!



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Leslie is passionate about canine behaviour.

Leslie graduated from Seneca College in 1991. She completed a BSc at the University of Toronto in Natural Science in 1989. She completed both degrees with honours. Leslie became a licensed Obedience and Rally judge in 2007.


As a Registered Veterinary Technician, Leslie knows the importance of client education and training puppies. She has extensive knowledge on how to prevent typical puppy behaviours from developing into bad habits in adult dogs. She believes that if a puppy starts off on the right foot, the chances of inappropriate manners or more significant behavioural problems like fear or separation anxiety developing are virtually non existent.





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Leslie will help you and your puppy get the best start in life! Foundation work is so important and she is excellent!!

Sarah A

“Leslie is incredibly knowledgeable about dogs, a real pro. Having her come into our household to work with our family at the same time, has really helped to get everyone on the same page."

Kevin Alger

Leslie is awesome! She brings so much knowledge and skill from the canine world directly into our home. We loved the one-on-one sessions, and when unexpected new behaviours appeared, lessons could be easily adjusted to tackle the new issues. Leslie explains the steps to success so clearly. For us, The Puppy Tutor  was the perfect choice!


 Scott and Ruth Anderson, Guelph